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County Approved b&b #SSP13000151


Island Goode's

​​A:  Refundable Reservation: For any reason if you cancel up to 30 days before arrival, your deposit will be returned less 25% of the full reservation amount.  Any cancellation for any reason less than 30 days before arrival, departing early, arriving late, or not showing up will be charged for the complete reservation. Your reservation becomes NRR-Nonrefundable at this 30 day before arrival time line.  

NRR - NonRefundable Reservations:  If you have booked a discounted price, nonrefundable with no modification/date changes (NRR), then there is no refund amount for any reason (cancelled/missed flight, illness, death,  volcano eruption, earthquake, hurricane, tsunami or anything you can think of).  We highly recommend purchasing Trip Insurance through a third party for your own financial protection if you are concerned  about anything that would keep you from completing your reservation.   From our own personal experience, we highly recommend World Nomads.

Policy on our website (Contact-Policies).